The Brand New Yamaha Genos 2 Workstation Is Here

It has been six years since the launch of the Yamaha Genos and now we have the brand new and long awaited Genos 2. Having returned today from the Yamaha training day I have to say this instrument is stunning.

So is it worth upgrading ?  The answer has to be yes. Much research and development has gone into the Genos 2.

The outer case may look the same and it uses the same MSO1 speaker pack but that is where the similarities end.

There are now two new sound engines including the famous Yamaha DX7 FM synthesiser. This is not just a sample of a DX7 but an actual inbuilt FM version.

With 1900 sounds and 800 styles there are no end of possibilities and all have been remodelled.

The new piano offering is quite stunning including the Yamaha U1 U3 CFX and C7. A German piano has been included and you can even hear the hammers hitting the strings in the lower register.

The display is now much brighter and can be adjusted to suit your rooms ambience.

The rotary knobs and sliders have been upgraded with LED indicatiors and have a more expensive feel. Polyphony is  now the biggest ever on a workstation.

This is only the tip of the iceberg on this amazing instrument. There are many more features, too many to mention here.

Would I buy one ? Yes mine is already on order.

We look forward to welcoming you in store to try out the brand new Genos 2

15th Nov 2023 S Mackenzie

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