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Guitar Amplifiers For UK Players

Amplifiers for electric guitars haven't always been household(ish) names. Ever since the first Hawaiian lap steel guitar was electrified back in the 30s, the anonymous electronics inside those primitive guitar amps, which converted those first feeble electronic signals into a full concert sound have steadily taken on a similar aura to the electric guitars themselves. Who doesn't remember the stack of Marshalls that seem to tower behind the band; when you were going crazy in the mosh pit?

In the 21st Century names like Marshall Amplification, Orange, Vox and Fender have as much to do with the quality of the sound a music lover hears as the artist and his chosen axe! At Rainbow Music, we would encourage you to feast your eyes and ears on the select range of guitar amplifiers from even more brands including: Hartke, Roland, Yamaha, Blackstar, Line6 and Laney! In other words... we've got you covered anywhere in the UK!

Call in to our Carlisle shop opposite the Castle if you are in the area; or shop online for YOUR perfect amplifier to do your guitar talents justice!