Epiphone Guitar shop

Epiphone Guitar shop

The Epiphone Guitar Range

With a line of traditional acoustic guitars; economical but top end solid and semi solid bodied electric guitars and several electro-acoustics to round out the collection; Epiphone guitars are a brand to be reckoned with. They have everything that the aspiring guitarist might need. At Rainbow Music Carlisle, we're recognised as Epiphone dealers uk wide, by our customers for setting affordable prices for high quality kit as well as delivering friendly, helpful advice and support!

Back in 1873, Epiphone was Gibson Guitars main competitor. Once WWII ended, Gibson's purchase of Epiphone, led to the brand being used to produce superbly well-crafted but less expensive versions of many popular Gibson models; as well as their own distinctive lines. Who can forget the Beatles and what they did with a few Epiphone Casinos!

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