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Tiny Terror UK

Tiny Terror UK – A Big Sound For A Small Price

So you’ve decided you want to buy a separate head and speaker set up for your guitar, and that you enjoy the Orange amplifier sound. But, now you’re thinking which amp head to go for? You’ve heard a lot about the Tiny Terror UK, but what does it sound like and how is it different to other models?

Well there are two main differences between the models you’ll find in a music shop. One is made in China, and one is made in the UK. Both are designed and overseen by Orange, but to ensure the right price can be achieved for different markets then they are made elsewhere. The main question then is what does this mean for the sound? Well, different reviewers have compared the two, and the consensus seems to be that the only difference is how much quality you are getting. The Regular Terror, made in China, gives you a fantastic sound, much like you might hear from your heroes Jimmy Page or Angus Young, but the UK-made Hard Wired Terror gives you an even better sound. Both guitar amps have good dynamics, good control over your sound, and a decent volume for a smaller amp, but the Hard Wired amp gives you just that little bit more. Remember though, the sound will depend on which electric guitar you are using, as both the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul will create a different sound, with only gain, tone, and volume knobs to alter it.

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