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Guitar Amps

Guitar Amps: Which Is The One For You?

Guitar amps can be a difficult purchase for guitar players of any style or ability. There are so many variations and it’s hard to make head or tail of what each acronym stands for and what, for example, a ‘creamy tone’ even sounds like. So for you electric players, we’re going to help you by picking out an amp manufacturer you’ll definitely have heard of and who will offer you nothing but quality. And, for bass players, we’ll go through the best selections for you. We’ll even point you in the direction of a music shop where you can find all of these amps too.

For Electric Players, Fender Amps UK Are Worth It

Fender  Mustang Guitar AmpWhen someone says the word ‘guitar’ to you, what’s the first association you make? It may be different for everyone, but we’re going to imagine that the word ‘Fender’ will definitely be up there in the word association game. The Stratocaster - or, as we all know it, the ‘Strat’ - has created many musical icons, and has even become one itself over the past 60 years of its existence. But what is often forgotten is that Fender also produces guitar amps too – and you can find Fender amps UK wide. So if you’re going for, say, a Stevie Ray Vaughan sound, this is the amp for you. The combination of Fender guitar and Fender amp is noticeable – the twin reverb and the overdriven saturation really stands out. It’s the kind of amp that can shake you to your core. It all started with Leo Fender, an inventor whose framework paved the way for the Fender tone that musicians still recognise today. And, even now, the Fender amp is still being showered with plaudits from those in the guitar amp UK and worldwide community. Steven Chen, guitarist with The Airborne Toxic Event, has even called the Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo “the best amp I’ve ever played out of”. That’s some high praise. Keep reading and we’ll tell you where you can get one at a good price.

What About Finding Bass Guitar Amps UK Wide?

Fender Rumble Bass Guitar AmpsThe bass guitar also links in with Leo Fender too. It was his invention of the Precision Bass in the 1950s, the first electric bass, which launched the need for an amp that could capture its bone-shaking low-frequency volume. And it was then that Fender launched the Fender Bassman – a tube-driven amp with a 15-inch speaker. These tube bass amps were eventually superseded by solid-state bass amps, which reduce the size, cost and weight using new technologies. However, in recent years, it is the hybrid bass amps which have been gaining prominence – which typically feature a tube-based preamplifier and a solid-stage power stage. In recent years, one amp brand that has really grabbed attention is the Orange Terror. The Terror is an amp head – basically an amp without the speaker – that utilises this hybrid tech. But why without the speaker? Because you’ll often find that, when gigging live, many bassists will use the house sound system – creating a cleaner, more controllable mix. In this instance, having a terrific amp head is key. Thankfully, at Rainbow Music, we’ve got you covered with our selection of bass guitar amps UK wide. As one of Orange’s main dealers, we stock the Tiny Terror UK and Micro Terror guitar amp head – offering tremendous portability, aesthetics and a variety of sounds which makes it ideal for gigs, studio recording and home use.

Electric? Acoustic? Bass? We’ve Got The Right Guitar Amps For You At Rainbow Music

Whatever your instrument of destruction, we’ve got the equipment to back you up. At Rainbow Music, with our versatile selection of the very best guitar amps and amp heads, we’re a main dealer for many of the top amp brands – including Orange, Fender, Marshall, Blackstar amps and many more. And that Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo we mentioned? We’ve knocked an incredible £105 off the RRP because we’re committed to being the music shop that cares about its players. Check out our range at https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk. Need more info? Then give us a call on 01228 537489 or email us at sales@rainbowmusic.co.uk. We’re always happy to help.