Orange Crush 20 Guitar Amplifier Combo

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  • Orange Crush 20 a superb 20 watt practise amplifier for the guitarist with a discerning ear.
  • Orange Crush 20 control panel. Guitar and aux input, clean volume, gain & volume for the dirty channel and 3 band EQ controls.
  • The Crush 20 rear panel showing the power socket and swicth as well as the jack for foot pedal connection.
  • Orange Crush 20 Guitar Amplifier Combo


An Orange Combo With A Rich Tonal Tapestry: Orange Crush 20

Orange has marked out its value for money credentials with the Crush 20! It’s a super combo electric guitar amp, capable of a 20 watt output, which lets the guitarist create a superb tonal range. The overdrive is very responsive and has saturation that teases discerning ears. The lively feel, is a hallmark of Orange valve amps and that analogue circuitry is beautifully responsive.

The CR20 is built on the experience of Orange's much loved Crush Pro amps. This high gain, 4 stage preamp design delivers tonal complexity that’s right out of the ordinary for a practise amp. Built from top quality electronic parts which produce a sound that’s very low in white noise, you get a guitar sound that’s amazingly clear and rich. The crystal cleans, that signature blues crunch, even the high gain metal voice are classic Orange!

The clean and dirty channels can be switched on the control panel or via footswitch to give you excellent versatility!

To keep home practise neighbourly, Orange CabSim circuitry can attack your ears with the apparent muscle of a full scale Orange 4 x 12" cabinet when you plug your cans into the Crush 20's headphone/line output. An excellent stand in for the gig experience!

The CR20's 3 band EQ section lets your sound, range across an enormous tonal landscape. This is a super versatile practise amp! That juice of the electronic circuitry and your player’s creativity is delivered to the world through an incredibly capable Orange Voice of the World 8 inch Speaker. These marvels of sound reproduction are specially developed to match the Orange analogue circuitry and push out a near perfect balance between what Orange calls “modern low end punch and vintage highs”, which manage to stay clear at higher volumes too!
Being Orange, the Crush 20 is finished in the livery that first appeared in 1968. As you’d expect from the Crush range: the basket weave vinyl, woven grille cloth, 'picture frame' style edging and Orange’s control panel graphics are all there to help you perfect your sound on top quality kit!.

Orange Crush 20 Specifications

Features:        Twin channel guitar combo amp with high gain preamp, 3 band EQ, aux in and cabsim-loaded phones output
Top panel:       (right to left) Instrument input, clean volume, dirty gain, bass, middle, treble, dirty volume, channel selector switch, aux in, phones output
Rear panel:      Footswitch jack (footswitch optional)
Finish options: Orange or black basketweave vinyl
Speaker:         Custom 8" voice of the world
Output:           20 watts
Dimensions:     37.5 x 32.5 x 19.7CM (14.67 x 12.8 x 7.75") (W x H x D)
Weight:           7.15KG (15.8LB)

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Warranty Information

1 years warranty
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