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Marshall Guitar Amps UK

Marshall Guitar Amps UK – Tips For Getting The Right Amp For You

Investing in a Marshall guitar amp for the very first time can be daunting. How do you make sense of the subtle differences between amps and decide on the right one for you? If your guitar idols routinely opt for Marshall guitar amps UK style sound, you may have narrowed down the field, but how do you pick which Marshall amplifier or series is the best one for you to get?

Marshall DSL40C Guitar AmplifierIf you go to a music shop, you’ll be faced with countless amps, accessories, and guitars, and be none the wiser, unless you’ve first considered what sort of sound you’re searching for. Even with a brand like Marshall, it's still a case of asking the basic questions first! Cabinets and amplifiers from Marshall and Fender vary from each other in sound, and will respond differently with the electric guitar you’re playing and guitar pedals you’re using.

If you're a rock and roll guitarist, then Marshall amps UK models will be the best for you, as Marshall amplifiers are capable of producing that classic rock sound you love hearing. A jazz guitarist, though, has very different sound palette, not least favouring a brighter sound, and for that, a Fender amplifier with a classic US sound might be a better bet.

The next step is to consider where and who you’re playing with. For instance, if you’re part of a band and have to compete with other musicians, will you be needing a louder amplifier? Perhaps not, as many of today’s venues have good monitoring to feed the amplifiers into. It’s better to concentrate on the quality and timbre of sound you need. For instance, a compact Marshall combo amplifier will, despite its size, provide you with a pretty decent and loud sound, and that ‘crunch’ necessary for a rock band; but you won’t have to invest in a large speaker stack, with a long series of speakers to achieve a stadium look.

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