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Marshall Amps UK

Marshall Amps UK Sound: Why So Popular?

Marshall amps UK wide are still the one brand you will see on the majority of music stages – not just in this country, but on arena stages worldwide. Marshall is a mainstay on every stage stack and in every music shop up and down the country – which is quite interesting, given that Marshall itself was born in a music store - run by a big band drummer, many years ago! But why are they so valued? How did they get to the top? And where can you buy a Marshall amp? We’re going to give you the answers to these questions below.

The History Of The Marshall Amp For Electric Guitar

Marshall Number One Guitar AmplifierThe Marshall amp has an interesting back story. Marshall, as a company, was set up by James Charles Marshall – a professional, big band drummer who opened his own drum school in the 1950s. Its success saw him open Jim Marshall and Son music shop in London during the summer of 1962. Here, Marshall met then-unknown guitarists such as Ritchie Blackmore and Pete Townshend, who twisted his arm into stocking guitars and amps, where previously his shop had stocked big band instruments like brass, woodwind and percussion. The young ambitious guitarists complsined to Jim that they weren’t able to find the sound they were looking for in their electric guitar + amplifier rigs, so Jim decided to get to work with a small team to put together an original Marshall amp from parts to try to solve that particular problem. Within the year, the very first Marshall amp – the ‘number one’ was produced. It received 23 orders on its first day in the shop window. Players warmed rapidly to the new sound and tonality that let them create several classic British "sounds of the sixties"! 

A couple of years later, Townshend, now gaining popularity with The Who, came to Jim and expressed concern that they weren’t holding the attention of the live crowds – they needed a louder sound that people couldn’t ignore. Sensing another opportunity, Jim set to work and produced a combination rig that gave rise to the now iconic, legendary image of the Marshall Stack – walls of Marshall amps and speaker cabinets stacked on stage to create a literal wall of sound that blew people away.

In 1969, Jimi Hendrix gave his legendary performance at Woodstock. In Hendrix’s own words: “I love my Marshall Amps; I am nothing without them!” This was a shot in the arm for the brand! Marshall hit the heights and never stopped delivering throughout the years – all the way up to today.

Where Can I Buy Marshall Amps in the UK?

You’ll still see Marshall guitar amps across the UK – whether in the front of a music shop window on city streets or behind some of the biggest rock stars of today when they play live shows. Due to the brand's huge exposure, it’s no surprise that Marshall amps are still at the top of their game and as popular as ever amongst the rock guitar crowds and bands.

Because of its high profile, it’s one of the first go-to amp brands for aspiring amateurs. In particular, the MG series is very popular. It offers a great package complete with that Marshall tone, yet at incredibly affordable prices. At the other end of the scale, though, are amps that you will probably never have to replace – the Marshall JVM combo range. The JVM is described as ‘the most comprehensive range of professional, all-valve Marshall amplifiers ever offered.’ And, if you want to walk down time machine lane, there’s the beautifully-finished Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo – recreating the classic Marshall look and sound that graced the eardrums of the world’s most legendary musicians.

These are practically works of art in their own right - so where can you find them? Try Rainbow Music. As one of Marshall’s main dealers, we stock a large range of Marshall amps for sale with UK wide delivery – including amp heads and pedals. For those low on cash or amateurs looking to add Marshall to their repertoire, we sell the Marshall MG at knockdown prices. For Marshall amps UK suppliers, we don't think you'll get better than the service from Rainbow Music.

For Marshall Amps in the UK , You Can’t Go Wrong With Rainbow Music!

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