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Marshall Guitar Amp

Marshall Guitar Amp – For Those Who Love To Play Loud

For those buying a guitar amplifier for the first time, knowing what the difference is between amps is difficult. You may have seen a Marshall guitar amp at a concert and thought they were the brand for you, but how do you decide which Marshall amp or series is right?

Before going to a music shop and being faced with hundreds of amps, guitars, and accessories, think what kind of sound you are looking for. Amplifiers and cabinets from Fender and Marshall sound very different, and will respond differently with your electric guitar and guitar pedals. So if you are a rock guitarist, then Marshall amps UK may well be right for you, as Marshall amps have that classic rock sound. But compare this with a jazz guitarist’s need for a brighter sound, and you may need a Fender guitar amp, which has the classic US sound. Next you should think about your music-playing needs. For example, will you need a very loud amplifier, as you’ll be playing guitar competing with other loud instruments such as the bass guitar? Most likely you won’t, as many venues these days have good monitoring to feed amplifiers into, so you may want to think what kind of sound you need instead. For example, a smaller Marshall combo amp can still give you a decent, loud sound, with a good crunch required for a rock band, without the need to get a large speaker stack, with a long series of speakers for that stadium look.

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