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Marshall Class 5 UK

Marshall Class 5 UK Amps For The Classic 60s Sound

Growing up in the 80’s meant seeing walls and walls of Marshall stacks on huge stages. Every metal and rock guitarist would have them. But what if you are a modern guitarist who doesn’t play metal, but you do want that classic ‘British’ sound? This is where amps like the Marshall Class 5 UK can help.

Modern, smaller amps can now deliver a big sound, with a variety of ranges to suit any guitarist. The Class 5, for example, is a smaller Marshall amp than you might be familiar with, offering a more bluesy sound that refers back to guitarists such as Eric Clapton. Clapton was keen to have an amp he could carry from gig to gig, but one that would give him the right sound and volume to compete with the crowd and the rest of the band. Known as the Bluesbreaker, when turned up it would distort just enough for a more blues/rock sound. Getting this sound today, but without relying on pedals or having to turn it up too loud, is the goal for many guitarists. This is where the modern amps excel. You might still want a distinctive look on stage though. Retro amps like the Class 5 can offer you this as they hark back to the 60’s look, which is surprising for those familiar with Marshall amps UK from the 80’s. Take a look around any music shop and you’ll see what we mean.

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