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Marshall Amplifiers UK

Marshall Amps UK – History Of Amplifiers Revealed

Check out the musicians’ kit at any gig these days and there will likely be an array of guitar amplifiers. You might have even spotted the ever-popular Marshall amps among them. If you have no idea how guitar amplifiers work, what it offers to guitarists and even what Marshall amp parts UK are available, it helps to know its history first.

If the last gig you attended was in the 1950’s and you compare that with the ones you go to today, there’s no doubt they're completely different. Back in the days, the audience could sing along with, or even over, the music and be a part of the gig. But guitar players began to search for more volume when they play on stage, wanting a gear that could rival the drummer’s output and the noise coming from the spectators. Legend has it that Pete Townshend, guitarist of The Who, purposefully visited Jim Marshall’s music shop to request a Marshall guitar amp that could do just this, which resulted in the earliest 100-watts amplifier. Not only that, but because Marshall couldn’t get his hands on the exact parts used by Fender, the alternatives he used endowed these new amps with a lower, dirtier sound. This is now referred to as the ‘British sound’. On the other hand, Marshall speaker cabinets were also being inserted into the bigger amp heads, which resulted in an even greater increase in volume. As live shows competed with each other in size and grandeur and incorporated new and impressive spectacles from light shows to pyrotechnics, musicians needed more and more combo amps to fill the stage. And this is how the Marshall Amps UK became identifiable with the UK music scene.

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