Marshall Amplifiers UK

Marshall Amplifiers UK Make Good Guitarists Great

For a long time, the Marshall Amplifiers UK brand has been synonymous with loud guitar amps, rock and roll guitar players, and the famous amplifier stack. As there are so many guitar amps out there, however, you might want to learn a little more about the Marshall brand before choosing to buy.

It was back in the 1960’s that Jim Marshall began developing what has now become a standard amplifier you’ll see on many rock and roll stages. Since then, many guitarists have adopted the Marshall sound that players, such as Pete Townshend from The Who or Slash from Guns N’ Roses, used to develop their big guitar sound, as well as making a big presence on stage with the distinctive stack set-up. The Marshall stack came about as guitarists wanted to have more volume on stage, and as the PA’s we might find in today’s live music venues will help them achieve this, they instead had to have more amps on stage to get louder and louder. The solution, therefore, was to have more speakers on stage, which would be stacked on top of each other, with an amplifier head on top driving and controlling the guitar sound. As more of the Marshall Amps UK speakers were seen on music stages around the world, the more associated they became with the rock guitarists playing them. Walk into any music shop today and you will immediately see a Marshall stack, alongside the famous Gibson Les Paul, as played by Slash.

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