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Marshall Amp UK – Marshall Amps Help Guitarists Play Louder

Go to any gig today and you will be faced with a wide variety of guitar amplifiers. You may have even seen the famous amps made by Marshall Amp UK. But, if you aren’t familiar with how guitar amps work and what they can offer guitarists, it can help to learn how they came about. So, read on to discover more.

Compare a modern concert with one from the 50’s and they are completely different. Back then, the audience was as much a part of the concert as the band, as they could still hear themselves above the music and be part of the show. As guitarists started to want more volume on stage, however, they needed gear that could compete with the drums and the crowd. Guitarist Pete Townshend famously went to Jim Marshall’s music shop to ask him to build a Marshall guitar amp that could do exactly this, which led to the first 100 watts amp. Also, as Marshall was not able to get hold of the same parts that Fender were using for their guitar amps, the parts he used gave the amps a deeper, dirtier sound, now known as the ‘British sound’, which added to the new sound being created by musicians. With Marshall speaker cabinets also being added to the larger amp heads, the volume could now be deafening. And, as the concerts got larger and larger, more and more of their combo amps were required by musicians to fill the stages, making Marshall Amps UK synonymous with the UK music scene.

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