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Fender Amps UK

Fender Amps UK – Get The Sound Of Your Heroes This Side of the Pond!

Many guitarists copy their heroes when they first start out, but when it’s time to define your own sound, how do you do it? A Fender amps UK stockist is a great place to start, but without knowing how their amps sound, how do you know they’re right for you?

Let’s take a moment to look at some of the most famous pro electric guitar players who’ve used Fender combo amplifiers, to see if we can define that famous Fender sound. Going back in time, you might recognise the famous Fender amplifier sound on Elvis Presley recordings, whose regular guitarist James Burton was a fan of Fender’s famous tone which he also brought tpo his work with John Denver and Ricky Nelson. Mike Campbell, worked with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for years! He's used a host of different Fender kit in that time: from 60s Twin Reverb, through a few Tweed Deluxes, aind in tune with Tom, there were also rumours of a Blonde Piggyback Bassman. Most recently he's been seen with a couple of Princeton Reverbs! Eddie Van Halen became so attached that he's even getting some signature Fender kit made up to his spec. They're turning out an EVH three-channel amp head, the "EVH 5150 III" with a compatible specced 4×12" speaker cabinet tagged "EVH 5150 412". 

So, if you are in search of that distinctive new sound; could Fender be the brand for you. If it might be, then you'll need to find the best music shop in town - and obviously we'd humbly suggest Rainbow! Once through the door, you'll be able to compare the sound and tonality of each with your own guitar and we know you'll want to buy one of these famous Fender guitar amps there and then!.

At Rainbow Music we stock the best combo, stack, and tube amplifiers, effects and accessories, we nreckon we've got the best Fender amps UK stocks for a small shop. You will find all the amps, instruments, and effects you’ll need to make a history of your own.

Look through our online store today and compare our range at https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/.

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