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UK Guitar Amps

UK Guitar Amps – Finding Your Ideal Amp

Purchasing a brand new guitar amplifier is hugely exciting. But while you know you’re ready to update or upgrade your existing set-up, where do you start? UK guitar amps suppliers usually stock amps from a variety of manufacturers, all at similar prices, so choosing the best one for you can be confusing.

Any music shop, whether online or bricks and mortar, will offers the likes of Marshall, Laney and Roland amps, both separate and combos. Where to start? It’s best to go back to basics: what’s the guitar amp for? Is it for practice at home, for use in a recording studio, or for performing at a small gig? If it’s just for use at home, a small practice guitar amplifier is probably best. If you’re busking or otherwise playing outdoors, you’ll want to consider powering the amp, so the Roland Micro Cube would be a great choice: it’s battery-powered, but can still produce loud sounds. A recording studio is an appropriate venue for one of the smaller guitar amps, because they can still be turned up to maximum volume to get louder sounds from their valves and your electric guitar. Of course, playing live in front of a huge audience will require something more powerful to make an impression. Once you’ve decided on the size and type you want, it’s well worth reading a variety of testimonials offered by music professionals and previous customers to get a general idea of each amp’s strengths and weaknesses before you commit.

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