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Marshall Amps

Marshall Amps  – Turn The Guitar Volume Up Loud!

If you will go to any gig today, you will notice that there’s a multitude of guitar amplifiers present on stage. And for most musicians, their amp of choice comes from the very popular Marshall company. But if you’re not acquainted with how the various Marshall amp parts fit together and what this amp brand offer guitar players, it may help to know a little about their long and varied history, which we give a broad overview of in the following article.

Compare and contrast a concert that takes place today with one from the 1950’s and they're as different as chalk and cheese. In those days, the crowd was as much a big part of the concert as the band, singing along and heard above the music as they took an active part in the performance. As guitar players strived to achieve a greater volume on stage, though, they looked for equipment which could rival the sound of the drums as well as the audience. The famous guitarist from the Who, Pete Townshend, visited Jim Marshall’s music shop and asked him to create a Marshall guitar amp which could do just this, which led to the creation of the very first 100-watts amplifier. This in turn affected the amps’ output, as Marshall had not been able to get his hands on the exact parts that Leo Fender had been utilising for his guitar amps, and the so-called the ‘British sound’ of today was born here - a much deeper and dirtier sound. Marshall speaker cabinets were also inserted into bigger amp heads, leading to a volume which could now be turned up to deafening proportions. And, as live shows got bigger and better, ever more combo amplifiers were needed by music artists to fill the stages, which made Marshall Amps UK a key proponent of any band on the UK music scene.

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