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Orange Tiny Terror UK

Orange Tiny Terror UK – Get Surprisingly Good Sounds From Inexpensive Amps

Having made the decision to purchase your guitar’s head and speaker set-up separately and narrowed down the field to an Orange amplifier, your next step is to choose the amp head you want. While you may have heard of the Orange Tiny Terror UK, you need to know how it sounds and how it compares with other models.

The main difference you’ll observe when you come to visit your local music shop is that one version comes from China while the other is manufactured in the UK. Although Orange tightly controls the design and manufacturing process, it sets slightly different standards for different markets, depending on price. The main distinction is in terms of the sound. While experienced reviewers agree that both represent value for money, there is a slight variation when it comes to the quality that you are going to get from each. The Regular Terror from China produces a pretty impressive sound, similar to that produced by famed guitar idols such as Jimmy Page or Angus Young. The Hard Wired Terror, which is manufactured in the UK, goes one step further in terms of quality. Both Orange amplifiers are equally powerful, though, and capable of offering good control over the sound they produce, giving you a decent range of volume despite their small size. However, the Hard Wired amp packs just that little bit more punch. Obviously, the results you will get depend on the electric guitar you play: you’ll find the Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul amps will each create their own, unique sound, with just gain, tone and volume knobs to make the difference.

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