Orange Micro Terror UK

Orange Micro Terror UK – Practice With Confidence

The Orange Micro Terror UK is a great example of what amp manufacturers can do these days in terms of producing a good sound with decent volume from just a small unit. Knowing what they sound like and if they’re right for you, however, can be difficult.

Amps like the Micro Terror will offer you a solid state power amp and a valve preamp, which means you can actually power a 4x12 watt cabinet, which is what you might expect to see at a small gig or rehearsal space. For units this size, this was unheard of when some of your guitar heroes started out back in the 50s and 60s, and so a modern guitarist is in a very fortunate position in that respect. Look in a music shop and you might even be forgiven for missing units like these because of their size, and at first some reviewers advised not to take them seriously for this very reason. But what Orange have done with the Terror, in particular, has been to deliver a surprisingly big tone, which you might expect from a larger amplifier, while delivering the classic ‘British’ sound, that Orange and Marshall, in particular, are known for. Control wise, of course, you won’t be getting as many options as you would from larger Orange amplifiers, but they will have a volume, tone, and gain dial so you can still control your output to a satisfying degree. Essentially they are practice amps, but if that is all you need, then they are perfect.

So if you want that classic British amplifier sound from the Orange Micro Terror UK, then Rainbow Music are waiting for you. If you need to go even bigger than the Terror, then fear not as we have many more options for you to choose from at