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Orange Dual Terror UK

Orange Dual Terror UK – Play Better Sounds, Even During Practice

The Orange Dual Terror UK is an exceptional amp that only serves to demonstrate what guitarists can achieve nowadays when it comes to producing great sounds at a reasonable volume from relatively compact amps. The difficulty comes in knowing how they sound and whether they’re suitable for you and your playing.

The Micro Terror is one example of a piece of kit that will offer you a solid state power amp as well as valve preamp. This enables you to power a 4x12 watt cabinet, the kind of thing you might routinely see at small gigs or practice sessions. A unit this small yet providing such power was unheard of in the 1950s and 60s, when many of today’s guitar heroes were starting out, so we’re lucky to have such technology today. When you go to a music shop, chances are you will overlook models like it because of their size, and in fact, some reviewers were initially sceptical about the credibility of such small amps. However, to Orange’s credit, they have been able to make the Terror to deliver an impressively big tone, the likes of which you would usually only expect from a much larger amp, while still retaining the classic ‘British’ sound that Orange and Marshall in particular are well-known for. Of course, when it comes to controls, you will inevitably have fewer options than are found on the larger Orange amplifiers, but they still retain volume, tone and a gain dial, enabling you to control your output accordingly. In essence, they are ideal for practice sessions, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is the perfect amp for you.

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