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Orange Crush Guitar Amp

Orange Crush Guitar Amp– Create Your Very Own Distinct Sound

For a lot of guitar players, familiarising themselves with the history of the amp’s manufacturer and the stars who have used them is crucial. This gives them a good idea of the sound they can achieve if they invest in one. If you are planning to buy an Orange Crush Guitar Amp, it may be helpful to learn a little about its origins.

Back in 1969, the founder of Orange Music Electronic Company was keen to stock guitar amps in his music shop to complement his range of guitars. But the large-scale dealers declined, failing to see the benefit of yet another smaller dealer selling their amplifiers. As a result, the store owner decided to create his own, and Orange amplifiers were born. It didn’t take long for the sound created by these amps to attract the attention of leading guitarists, even picked up by Fleetwood Mac, who used them on their number one hit record, Albatross. As word spread, artists such as Stevie Wonder expressed a preference for the Orange Amp sound, building on its popularity. By 1978, they had become the first amp manufacturer to release a digital amplifier. Although this was not quite the success Orange hoped it would be, it signalled the company’s intent to be a leading, innovative supplier of products for guitarists worldwide. The 1970s and 80s saw a drop in its fortunes, but this was soon reversed when UK-based Britpop Bands like Oasis chose Orange amps for the production of their first and second best-known studio albums. With major recognition like this and plenty of orders on the books, Orange was able to branch out further into the lucrative US market.

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