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Orange Amplifier

Orange Amplifier – More Than Just A Unique Look

Guitarists usually have to make the difficult choice between making a bold statement on stage and doing the same on their audio recordings: there’s not much scope for achieving both. While an Orange amplifier is absolutely unique in terms of its vibrant colour, what else can it offer in terms of sound and music?

There’s no doubt that your average music shop these days will carry a vast array of guitar amps and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll be promised big rock sounds by some, more bluesy sounds by amps of the likes of the Marshall Bluesbreaker, or a brighter, ‘jazzier’ sound from Fender’s many offerings. But what if you are searching for a really modern feel from your guitar amplifier? One company stands out in terms of innovation through the years, and that’s Orange. Its latest offering is something labelled the OPC. Short for Orange Personal Computer, this brings together a guitar amp with a PC so your guitar can be connected straight into a computer and record and edit while you play. This undoubtedly opens up a whole new world to the guitarist, because numerous instruments like a guitar or keyboard, or even a microphone, can be connected, together with an iPod or MP3 player. After that you can either record what you play or make use of the Orange-branded software to recreate a number of guitar sounds. This was the very first amp of its kind and is a good demonstration of why Orange amplifiers have been at the forefront of the guitar amplifier scene for quite a while now. They’re not just a pretty face: their unique appearance is matched by their sound.

If you’d like to lay down your own tracks in the comfort of your own home, this might be just the option you are looking for. Whether you want to make a statement onstage with an Orange amplifier or are searching for an amp to replicate that favoured guitar sound, visit Rainbow Music (https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/) today.