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Blackstar UK

Blackstar UK Will Bring Your Guitar To Life

Over the years, many people have become familiar with the American style amps, with a sharper, brighter sound, or the woodier, deeper ‘British’ sound you might get from a Marshall. For guitarists, there was never an option to have both sounds in one amp. That was until Blackstar UK started making amps.

Take a look around a music shop and you will most likely see one of their distinctive series of amps. They offer a number of styles, such as the Artisan series, which they say has a ‘boutique’ sound, and the Series One that offers their famous ‘Infinite Shape Feature’, which allows you to switch between the British and US sounds. Then there’s the HT Venue Series, like their HT-5 model but with greater power, and the HT Metal Series, which gets its name as it offers greater gain and tone and is often chosen to by metal guitarists. They also have their ID-Series, which are digitally programmable, as well as their HT-5, which is closer to a pedal due to its smaller size and the HT-1, which is an even smaller version of the HT-5. Blackstar Amps’ pedals extend their range of sounds further and are all valve powered. These effects boost guitars, overdrive them, or distort them, while also offering reverb, delay, and modulation. If you were thinking about who might already be benefitting from Blackstar Amps’ sound, then they have secured a number or celebrity endorsements such as Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora.

So, if you are looking to make your guitar sound come to life with a new amp, make your guitar set up more portable, or expand your range of guitar pedals, then head to Rainbow Music, the best online store for Blackstar UK. Check out our full product range, including many instruments and accessories here: https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/.