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Blackstar Amps UK

Blackstar Amps UK Will Give You The Best Sounds

Looking for the right guitar amp can be a minefield. Often you’ll have to choose between the classic ‘American’ sounding amp popularised by Fender, and the ‘British’ sound made famous by Marshall Amplifiers. Finding a guitar amplifier that can deliver both sounds, therefore, would be a huge bonus. This is where Blackstar Amps UK excel.

Focusing on their ‘Artisan’ range, these Blackstar amps have what is known as a point-to-point tag board, which delivers their famous ‘boutique’ tone. Small in size, they utilise pre-amp valves, similar to Vox’s range of amps. Don’t be put off by their size, though; starting from as little as 15 watts and going up to 100 watts, each Blackstar guitar amp packs a punch whatever their size. Reviews for each of the Blackstar product series have certainly been favourable, with one guitar magazine describing them as ‘substantial’, both in tone and output, so no guitar player will need to be worried. Any music shop will give you a decent range of amps to compare, as well as guitars and effects pedals, so you may want to consider more options. The Blackstar Series One amp is like the Artisan series but has more features. It has Blackstar's famous ‘ISF’, also known as the Infinite Shape Feature, which allows you to adjust the saturation, which means you can achieve that ‘American' or 'British' sounds we mentioned earlier. It also has a wider range of wattages, going from 45 up to 200 watts.

So, if you are thinking about updating your guitar or pedal to be the star of the show, or you are just getting started and want the right model for the right price, then head to Rainbow Music for a fantastic range of amplifiers and pedals from Blackstar Amps UK. Visit our online store at https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/.