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Orange Guitar Amp

Orange Guitar Amp – Make Your Own History

For many guitarists, knowing the history of their amp manufacturer and who has played them is essential. That way they know the sound they will get when they buy one. If you have been thinking of buying an Orange Guitar Amp, then you might want to learn a little about their origins too.

It all started back in 1969 when the owner of Orange Music Electronic Company wanted to sell guitar amps in his music shop to accompany the guitars he was selling. It seemed the big sellers were not keen to have another shop selling amplifiers, so they refused. This encouraged the owner to start making his own, and so Orange amplifiers were born. Very quickly guitar players identified the sound of these amps, and they were even used on the number one record by Fleetwood Mac called Albatross. Once they became recognised, they were also picked up by Stevie Wonder, who liked the Orange Amp sound, and again, its popularity grew. They were also the first amplifier manufacturers to produce a digital amplifier in 1978, which, although it didn’t take off as they had hoped, did signal their constant desire to produce new and exciting equipment for guitarists. After a dip in the company’s fortunes in the 70s and 80s, it picked up once more when the Britpop Bands in the UK, such as Oasis, used their amps on their hugely popular first two albums. This meant Orange had the orders they needed in order to finance growth in the US, supported by other high profile acts.

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