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I Remember Buying My First Guitar.

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Back in the day in 1973 I decided at the age of 12  that I would like to learn to play the guitar. In those days the main shop in Carlisle at the time was J.P Dias who sold a variety of instruments including HH amplifiers ( Who remembers those !! ) sheet music , Hammond organs and of course guitars. They also had a mens clothing department next door attached to the music shop. I never could quite see the connection but it obviously worked at the time.

The other shop at the time was E.T Roberts on the Crescent who mainly sold sheet music and records with a sprinkling of harmonicas and school recorders and other such school instruments.

As I appeared very keen it was decided that we would make the trip down to J P Dias in Botchergate one cold and wet Saturday morning. We went up the stairs and was met by a man behind the counter. Explaining what we wanted we were shown a variety of guitars including a classical nylon strung guitar. It was decided that this would be the best option.The guitar in question was £8.00.  It was quickly decided that as I was left handed the guitar should be restrung accordingly. The man quickly carried out the restring.

Once restrung it was decided that I would probably need a carrying case and a book as I would likely be going for guitar lessons.  This done we paid the money and left with a brand new classical guitar in a brightly coloured vinyl case.


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