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Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Yamaha mouthpieces represent excellent value for money at an affordable price. The standard series are made from phenol resin ( Plastic ) and are finished to a high standard.

 When you purchase a new instrument they generally come with a mouthpiece supplied. As you progress with your instrument it is normal that you would try a different mouthpiece to suit your own playing technique and style.  Sometimes, a player may choose a mouthpiece with design features for a particular playing style (e.g. Jazz, Orchestral, etc.) The Yamaha range offers several mouthpieces in the range for different playing styles.

Which one should I buy?
Check below for more detail or, alternatively, ask your teacher for advice.

Playing Characteristics
Model Comments
3C Suitable for beginners. Helps bring out distinctive, clear sound with good response in high and low registers.
4C Easy to obtain a balanced, clear, and focused tone in any octave. Ideal for professionals and beginners.
5C Provides a somewhat richer tone with greater variety of colours than 4C and excellent flexibility and response. Popular with soloists.
6C Powerful volume and rich tonal variations. Excellent for experienced players.
7C Rich, bold, powerful volume and accurate attacks. Well suited for jazz.