Marshall DSL40CR-H 1 X 12" Guitar Amplifier Combo With Reverb

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The Marshall DSL40CR 40W Valve Combo is a powerful amplifier that delivers a full assortment of features for use on stage and in the studio. It is loaded with EL34 valves for an organic and responsive sound and feel.

The amplifier has 2 gain modes (Classic and Ultra) which each have 2 modes, effectively giving you 4 channels of versatile gain levels. This will let you shape every sound imaginable; from clean tones through to edge-of-breakup sounds and onto full-on saturation lead sounds. The DSL40CR has a full range of EQ with independent presence and resonance controls to match the acoustics of the room. It also has a built-in reverb with independent levels across the two gain modes. 2 separate master volumes add the ability to create a solo level sound for instant volume boosts, accessible via the footswitch.

The DSL40CR also has a switchable output power setting meaning you can get the same great valve tone at a lower volume. A separate direct output also gives access to Softube emulation, letting you can get the sound of a professionally mic'd up cabinet simply by running a cable between the amp and a mixing desk/recording device.

The DSL40CR is an all-encompassing amplifier that represents a new standard in gigging and recording amplifiers. The new Softube emulations make it an even more potent tool, and it should easily adapt to many different musical situations.

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3 Years Warranty
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