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Marshall DSL UK

Marshall DSL UK – Travel Back In Time With Classic Guitar Sounds

If you attended numerous gigs in the 1980s, you’ll be more than familiar with imposing walls of Marshall stacks on large stages. They’re something no metal or rock guitarist would be without. But if you remember that classic ‘British’ sound fondly and want to recreate it without having to play heavy metal, amps such as the Marshall DSL UK will help.

Contemporary compact amps are now capable of producing a big sound despite their size, with the capacity to produce a variety of ranges for any style of guitar player. The Class 5, for instance, although being much smaller than the standard Marshall amp you may have seen in gig-going days, delivers a more bluesy sound that echoes guitarists like Eric Clapton. Amps like this were designed at Clapton’s request for a piece of kit that was easy to transport from gig to gig, but still gave him the sound and volume needed to play above the audience and the rest of the band. Fondly referred to as Bluesbreaker, when turned up, the amp would distort just enough to give that blues/ rock sound. Many guitarists want to emulate that sound now, without the need to rely on pedals or turn the volume up too loud. That's where contemporary amps can hold their own. If you are concerned with appearances, retro amps such as the Class 5 can give you that distinctive look with their echoes of 1960s styling, quite different to the models of Marshall amps UK from the 80’s. Look around any music shop to get the general idea.

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