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Guitar Amplifiers UK

The Guitar Amplifiers UK Guitarists Need

If you play the electric guitar, then you’ll need to find the right guitar amplifier to complement its sound. Guitar amplifiers UK suppliers have many options, so how do you choose? And even harder, how to choose between a combo amp, or a separate head and stack option?

Reading reviews, before think about what the benefit of each type of guitar amplification is a quick road to disappointment. Every music shop will look fun, as you’ll see lots of beautiful vintage designs as well as some very large guitar amps, but a big amp isn’t always best. For example, just because some of your heroes play big stack amplifiers on stage, doesn’t mean a combo amp won’t be loud enough. When you’re playing at home or in the studio, a combo amp will be fine, and even better you can turn it up to maximise its valve sound. The benefit of a separate head and speaker stack option is that you can mix and match your sounds. Your electric guitar, along with your effects pedals will give you one sound, and then your amplifier another, so the more styles you combine, the more original your sound. So what’s best then, is to think where you will use your amplifier most. If you are at home, in the studio, or at a small gig then a small combo amp will be perfect, but if you’re at a large gig or experimenting in the studio, then you might want to mix and match heads and speakers for different sounds.

So, where do many guitar players find the best gear for the best price? Rainbow Music. Our wide selection of guitar amplifiers UK include the likes of Fender, Marshall, and Blackstar amps, as well as guitar effects and more, meaning you are sure to find your sound. Our range includes: Models from the following brands.

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