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Guitar Amplifier UK

Guitar Amplifier UK – Buy The Amplifier You Need

If you’re a keen electric guitarist, you’re always in search of the best amplifier to complement your guitar sound. Guitar amplifier UK dealers have a bewildering array of choice these days, so where to start? More difficult again is the decision as to whether to choose a combo amp or a separate head and stack option.

Hartke Guitar Amplifier for UK marketThere is now a bewoidering array of guitar amplifier brands and kit out on the market in the UK. No matter which music shop you venture into, you’ll find their own quirky mix of vintage designs, modern techno wizardry and some impressively huge guitar amps. But it’s not automatically true to say that biggest is best in your own case, even if your own guitar idols build their reputation and sound on big stack amplifiers at stadium gigs.

The key is knowing where you’ll play most often; and that means you shouldn’t discount a combo amp because it’s not loud enough. Playing at home or in the studio, a combo amp is ideal, especially because you can adjust it to maximise its valve sound without blowing the roof off or killing your neighbours with the belly vibrations. A separate head and speaker stack, on the other hand, enables you to experiment with a variety of sound combinations. Different combinations of your electric guitar, your effects pedals, and your amplifier gives you that flexibility to stretch the range of tone you can belt out. So in small spaces such as at home or an intimate gig in a small city venue, a small combo amp is best; but at a big event or for experimenting in the studio, you'll get more benefit from different combinations of heads and speakers to expand your sound capabilities.

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