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Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet Mouthpieces

Yamaha mouthpieces represent excellent value for money at an affordable price. The standard series are made from phenol resin ( Plastic ) and are finished to a high standard.

 When you purchase a new instrument they generally come with a mouthpiece supplied. As you progress with your instrument it is normal that you would try a different mouthpiece to suit your own playing technique and style.  Sometimes, a player may choose a mouthpiece with design features for a particular playing style (e.g. Jazz, Orchestral, etc.) The Yamaha range offers several mouthpieces in the range for different playing styles.

Which one should I buy?
Check below for more detail or, alternatively, ask your teacher for advice.


  • 3C Models: Easy to control and responsive from lower to higher ranges, especially for beginners
  • 4C Models: Helps to achieve a well-balanced tone across the range, ideal for both professionals and beginners
  • 5C Models: Allows you to create a richer, fuller volume than the 4C model, with greater tonal variety
  • 6C Models: The perfect mouthpiece for experienced players looking for volume, a strong tone with variety
  • 7C Models: A favourite among Jazz clarinetists thanks to its penetrating volume and rich, strong sound with precise tonality