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Blackstar HT5 UK

Blackstar HT5 UK – A Simpler And Easier Way Of Practising

In case you are a guitarist who’s always busy and on the move, having a heavy and large amp can be a big disadvantage. What you need is an amplifier that is highly portable, but produces a loud enough sound to make you heard over the drummer. Small but powerful amps such as the Blackstar HT5 UK could be the solution to your problem.

Many guitar players, on entering a music shop, are instantly struck by larger, more impressive guitar amplifiers on offer. Probably because most guitar idols will have had vast arrays of bulky amplifier stacks on stage. However, what they don’t see is the inconvenience of transferring them between gigs. However, smaller guitar amps, like the ones on offer from Blackstar Amps, can offer a wattage as little as 5, with a 10-inch Celestion Speaker, without compromising on all features you’re expecting, like a footswitch input, FX loop and headphone input. Additionally, Blackstar has developed amps which can recreate both the well-known darker and woodier ‘British’ sound as well as the livelier, distinctive ‘American’ sound. By the use of one simple switch, a player can shift between the two, giving you a wider range of options. Guitar players can experience this Blackstar’s classic rock sound, during practice in a combination set up at home. Then, when out on a gig, you will also experience all the benefits of the said similar amplifier.

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