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Blackstar HT UK

Blackstar HT UK Pedal: The Optimum Choice For Valve Sound

A lot of guitar pedals are available on the market today, which can make it difficult to know what each one is capable of. Maybe you’re of the opinion that you need 3 different pedals just to allow distortion, overdrive and serve as a pre-amp pedal? Hold that thought though as you will come across guitar pedals like the Blackstar HT UK, which may solve all your problems.

Blackstar dual HT Guitar PedalUsually, when you’re choosing a guitar pedal, you’ll assume it will only have a single foot shift, which means it’s either on or off. But guitar pedals such as the Blackstar HT Dual can offer an additional dimension to your sound; because they in fact feature have two channels, one that enables you to switch between clean and crunch modes, where you’re increasing the volume coming from your amplifier, and the other one with a distortion tones. You can actually combine both for a range of sound you’d usually need two pedals to achieve. If you go to a music shop to try a range of pedals, you’ll soon learn that having to shift from pedal to pedal is frustrating. However, guitar pedals like the Blackstar HT Dual make this process much easier.

Moreover, if you purchase this new type of guitar pedal from companies such as Blackstar Amps, you’ll find you will be able to achieve a sound like the much-sought-after tube-driven guitar amplifier, but it will be at a far lower cost. They also produce a dynamic array of sounds which bridges the gap between the traditional woodier British-sounding guitar amps, like the Marshall’s range, and the clearer-sounding US guitar amps, such as you’ll get from Fender. Opinions vary in the music world, but for many guitarists, Blackstar is the popular choice.

Are you in search of a warm valve sound for your guitar, playing live or in the studio? Blackstar HT UK can give you the products you need. You will find the HT and other products on the Rainbow Music website, https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/, today.