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Blackstar HT Dual UK

Blackstar HT Dual UK Pedal – The Best Option For Valve Sound

There are many guitar pedals on offer to buy, and so knowing what each one does can be difficult. Perhaps you think you might need three different pedals to give you distortion, overdrive, or even act as a pre-amplifier pedal? Well, there are guitar pedals on offer, such as the Blackstar HT Dual UK, that may solve this dilemma.

Aaron Forbes uses a Blackstar Dual HT UK PedalMany times when you are considering a guitar pedal you will expect them to have just one foot switch, meaning it is either on or off. Guitar pedals like the Blackstar HT Dual add an extra dimension to your sound as they have two, one which allows you to switch between a clean option, where you are boosting the volume from your amplifier, and another with a ‘crunch’ sound option. You can even combine the two for a clean/crunch sound. If you try a series of guitar pedals in a music shop, you will see that having to constantly switch from pedal to pedal can be very frustrating. What guitar pedals like Blackstar HT Dual do is simplify the process. What’s even better, when you buy modern guitar pedals from companies like Blackstar Amps, is that they can recreate sounds like a highly-desirable tube-driven guitar amplifier, but at a fraction of the cost. They can also provide a dynamic range of sounds that bridge the gap between the classic woody British sounding guitar amplifiers, such as Marshall Amps, and the sharper sounding US guitar amplifiers, such as those from Fender. There are many views, but Blackstar are a popular option with many guitarists.

If you want a warm valve sound for your guitar, live or in the studio, then the Blackstar HT Dual UK delivers. Find and buy the HT and other Blackstar products at Rainbow Music (https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/), as well as other combo amplifiers and guitar effects today.