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Blackstar HT-5 UK

Blackstar HT-5 UK – Practising Made Easier

If you’re a busy guitarist who moves around a lot, then having a large or heavy amp can be a huge disadvantage. You need an amp that is easy to move yet loud enough to be heard over the wildest thrashings of your drummer. Small, powerful amps like the Blackstar HT-5, a UK favourite, can be the answer to many a guitarist and roadie's prayers.

Blackstar HT 5  Guitar Amplifier UK versionWhen most guitarists walk into a music shop, they are often impressed and depressed in equal measure by the larger guitar amps on display and their often monstrous price tags.

After years of watching and trying to emulate their guitar heroes with their multiple walls of amp stacks on stage, it's a rude awakening when they see the price tag of the kit and imagine the crew costs for kit of that magnitude. But what they don’t always consider is how awkward those iconic piles of kit become when carried from gig to gig.

With smaller guitar amplifiers, such as those made by Blackstar Amps, one of our favourite UK brands, players are able to benefit from amps as small as 5 watts, with a 10-inch Celestion speaker, but still having all the features you might expect from the big boys' kit; such as a footswitch input, headphone input, and an FX loop.

What’s more, Blackstar has created amps that recreate both the famous dark, woody ‘British’ sound, and the brighter more cutting ‘American’ sound. Using a simple switch, you can alternate between the two, meaning you are not limited to just one sound.

Guitar players can enjoy all of this, with Blackstar’s classic rock sound, while practising at home in a combination set up. And, once you are on the road you will really feel the benefits of this smaller compact but surprisingly beefy amp.

So, if small, powerful, versatile guitar amplifiers ring your bell, and an affordable price tag floats your boat, then come and see us at Rainbow Music either deeper in the website or in our store. We think we are the friendliest little UK music store, online and off to buy the Blackstar HT-5 UK amp with more!

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