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Blackstar Amplifier

Make Your Guitar Livelier With A Blackstar Amplifier

Throughout the years, numerous individuals have learned to distinguish between amps with the American style, which have a distinct, sharper and brighter sound; and the woodier, deeper ‘British’ sound produced by Marshall. For a lot of guitarists, having those two sounds in a single amp has never been an option. But now, Blackstar amplifier have come up with just that possibility.

Pay a visit to a music shop and you’ll likely see one or more of their distinctive range of amplifiers. Blackstar offers a variety of styles, like the Artisan series that’s is said to have a ‘boutique’ sound. They also have the Series One range, which features the widely known ‘Infinite Shape Feature’, enabling you to shift between the British and American sounds.

Blackstar Amplifier: Venue HT 40 as used by Ben BridgesAdditionally, there is the HT Venue Series that’s like the HT-5 unit but it has a greater power; and the HT Metal Series that got its name by offering greater gain and tone. The HT Venue Series is what most heavy metal guitarists prefer. Also, they produce the ID-Series which can be programmed digitally, and then the HT-5 that’s more like a pedal than an amp due to its small size; and the HT-1, a version even smaller than the HT-5. Blackstar Amps’ pedals expands on the array of sounds possible and all are powered by valves. Such effects are capable of boosting guitars’ sounds, overdriving them or distort them, while at the same time offering modulation, reverb and delay.

If you’re looking for role models who already experience the benefits of Blackstar Amps’ sound, then resounding endorsements come from celebrities of the likes of Ben Bridges of Imperial Leisure, Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi and many more.

So if you’re in search of a brand new amp that will bring your guitar sound to life, will be more portable for easier gigging, or to expand your range of guitar pedals, why not head to Rainbow Music, the best online store for a Blackstar amplifier? Check out the website at https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/ to learn more about their products, accessories and instruments.