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Bass Guitar Amps UK

Bass Guitar Amps UK – Reproduce The Sounds Created By Your Heroes

Which budding British guitarist didn't have their own guitar heroes when they started? But... once the copycat phase is over, even the weekend hobby guitarists often want to create their own sound - how do they go about it? Orange, Marshall, Blackstar and Fender bass guitar amps UK stockists tend to be the place to start. These traditional and not so traditional music shops, Like Rainbow Music in Carlisle tend to be the place players head, when they want to experiment with their amp sounds. They are the best places to try things out and get some advice from staff who've probably tried a thing or two themselves!

It's worth noting some of famous pro electric guitar players have made use of which kit to produce their own unique sound. Looking at Fender amplifiers, for example: right from Leo fender's invention of the first Precision Bass guitar in 1950, there was a need for a much more pwerful amplifier that could handle the sheer force of the the low frequency with massive amplitude that bass guitarists sought. This led on to the famous Fender amplifier sound on Elvis Presley’s recordings, because of James Burton's love of Fender’s distinctive tone. 

Who bassist, John Entwistle, helped kick off the trend of using multiple bass loudspeaker cabinets which were fed by meaty amp heads, that he had built, by UK based (excuse the pun!) Marshall Amplification.

Mike Dirnt of Green day with a stack of Fender Bass Amps for his Gig!Move onto Mike Dirnt of Green Day, a huge fan of Fender’s products: he uses a stack of Fender guitars and amplifiers both while recording his albums and performing live.

Having checked out the kit used by your guitar heroes, you might want to replicate their sound, or come up with something fresh in your own playing.

The next step is to look for a music shop where you can easily compare different products and purchase your very own from a range of famous guitar amps.

For high-quality equipment across the board, Rainbow Music is here. We offer the best combo, tube and stack amplifiers, accessories and effects, as well as our huge range of bass guitar amps UK stockists are, in general, jealous of. You’ll find everything you need to carve your own niche through your playing career - after all - it's all about the Bass!

Visit our website at https://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/ and choose the products suitable for you.