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Guitar Amp UK

Guitar Amp UK – Finding The Right Amp For You

If you’re going to play an electric guitar, then on its own it's a pretty dead duck... literally a lump of wood with some strings! You're going to need toMarshall Head and Cabinet Guitar Amp UK find the best electronic amplifier that takes the vibration of the strings and that not so inert wooden body, the tiny electrical signals that are transmitted through the pickups and produces the sounds of those glorious heavy metal riffs you’re looking for. In the UK Guitar amp dealers like ourselves at Rainbow Music offer a wealth of amplification options for guitarists, but how do you choose between them - which one is right for ME? One of the hardest decisions is between a combo amplifier and a separate head and stack option.

Before getting too buried in reviews of specific amps, it’s worth bearing in mind the benefits of the 2 basic setups for guitar amplification. Are you going to need a single all in one box or will you need the flexibility of a head and speaker cabinet?

Orange Guitar Amp a strong and flexible UK brand

Each and every music shop is fascinating and while it may feature an array of amazing vintage styles and have some huge guitar amps on display, biggest is not necessarily the best. For instance, just because your guitar hero employs big stack amps on stage, that doesn’t mean a combo amplifier should be discounted for your own circumstances.

At the simplest level, if you are playing at home or in a studio, a combo amp is probably the more practical option, even more so because you can increase the volume to make the most of its valve sound. One advantage of the separate head and speaker stack option is that you’re able to experiment with a different blend of sounds. Your electric guitar used with effects pedals will give off one type of sound, and then the amplifier will add another. The more styles you can combine, the better chance of coming up with your own unique style.

The best starting point is to consider where you’ll be using your amplifier the most. If you’re practising at home or in the studio, or at a small gig, the compact combo amplifier will be perfect. By contrast, if you’re playing to a huge crowd or mixing and matching sounds in the studio, it might be better to mix and match speakers and heads to achieve different sound combinations.

Where to start in your search for the best gear at the most reasonable prices? Try us here at Rainbow Music. We have an extensive range of the top guitar amp UK brands including: Marshall, Fender and Blackstar amps; all matched by a huge selection of accessories.

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