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Get to Know the New Epiphone EJ200CE: The Guitar You Want and Need

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The new  Epiphone EJ200CE is another model that has Gibson’s influence all over it. In fact, it is the brand’s version of a Gibson classic, the J-200. Appearance-wise, the EJ-2-00CE sports a Jumbo body with a solid spruce top and select maple back and sides, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and Grover turners and royal crown inlays. It is truly a wonder to look at. This guitar is not only visually appealing, it also performs great.


The sound is the most important thing when it comes to guitars, and since the EJ200CE is able to deliver a broad range of sounds, it is able to adapt to any musical style. It can, for instance, capture a wider and more balanced frequency range with superb harmonics. In addition, it has Epiphone’s eSonic2 preamp system, which provides greater vibration transfer and accurate tonal fidelity, both of which give the guitar an unparalleled tone.

The full, thick bass is always present, as well as the balanced mids. Whether you plug it in or not, you will get that warm tone in any case. You can also take advantage of two pick-ups: a neck pickup located in the sound hole against the start of the fingerboard, and a piezo located in the bridge.

Overall, the  Epiphone EJ200CE is an iconic model that manages to mix beauty and power. In terms of appearance, the jumbo maple body is beautiful and allows for a remarkable dynamic range and tonal integrity. One feature of this guitar that may seem small but makes a big difference is that it can be plugged and unplugged without the usual accompanying noise. This sound can get irksome at times, and this problem is fortunately eliminated with this model.

Those who are looking for a new guitar to play with should definitely check out the EJ200CE, which delivers on all fronts, from aesthetics to the sound quality. They can get this guitar from shops like Rainbow Music that also has the different variations in stock. It is an affordable guitar that is reliable and is of high-quality, making it a good choice for any musician.


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EJ-200CE Review, Ultimate Guitar, December 19, 2014