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Blackstar Amps: 5 Reasons To Buy Blackstar Amplifiers' UK Sound

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Blackstar Amplification: UK Innovation in Sound!

When it comes to buying amps, there's a whole constellation of brands and models to choose from. It can be a tough decision to choose the right brand of amp to go for. With everything from Marshall and Orange amplifiers to Blackstar amps to pick from, it can be a bit overwhelming. Why should you even consider Blackstar for your rig when you've heard about Marshall and Vox for so long? Here's a little run down of their "starring" qualities.

The Sound

There is only one place to begin and this is with the powerful sound that is kicked out by all Blackstar guitar amps. From crunchy overdrive to glistening cleans, these amps certainly impress their faithful band of players!

Here's Blackstar's own demo of the HT Club 40 as demoed by Blackstar's own J Hayes!

Long Life Span

You can expect to get many years of use out of your amplifier, as Blackstar amps are known for their reliable construction. These amps have been developed by a team who are all musicians! And; since 2004 they have been putting all their previous musical and amp design experience plus their love of "The Sound" into this line of kit. In fact they spent 3 years R&D-ing in a garden shed in Northampton (more or less slap bang in the Middle of England) before releasing their first amp!

Value For Money

With Blackstar amplifiers, value for money is guaranteed. There is something for all budgets, from the battery operated Fly 3 for "at home" practise to the on stage giants like the series One heads played through matched 45 cabinets at big venues - you'll find something at a price that will get you ever closer to "Hearing the Sound in Your Head"! With Blackstar Amplification - a classic UK company; you really do experience sheer quality... every penny is well spent. This is especially true when you understand how these amps are built with durability on tour at the forefront of their designers' mindset.

Huge Choice

If you take a look at the Blackstar section of Rainbow Music's online music shop, you will see that there's a huge selection of kit to choose from. You are bound to find the perfect amplifier for your next gig without even thinking about other brands! From a massive range of output wattage to the cosmetic designs, the options are pretty comprehensive.

Great Reputation

Last but not least, if you do a quick browse on the Internet, you will see that Blackstar has an outstanding reputation in the industry. They've moved on a long way from the garden shed! Developments have been patented and played by a host of rock musicians. You can buy with confidence in Blackstar's brand values and pedigree.

The Inevitable Blackstar Conclusion!

The five points in this post barely scratch the surface when it comes to the varied reasons why Blackstar amps should be right up there when you next think of buying an amp. Check out the options that are available and we reckon you'll find the perfect guitar amp for your playing style and ambitions! We'd love to see you in the shop or online.

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