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Blackstar HT-1 UK

Blackstar HT-1 UK Pedal – Best Choice For A Valve Sound

There’s a huge range of guitar pedals that you will find on the market today. It’s increasingly harder to know what each one can do. If you’re looking for distortion and overdrive, as well as a pre-amp pedal, you may think that you need three separate pedals to achieve this. However, guitar pedals like the Blackstar HT-1 UK offer the answer to this dilemma.

Normally, when you choose a guitar pedal, you will be expecting just 1-foot shift, which can either be on or off. However, guitar pedals like Blackstar HT Dual have two: this provides an added dimension to the sound. You can make the shift between a clean and a crunch option, where you’re intensifying the volume coming from your amp, and add distortion with the other. Combining both for a combination clean and crunch sound is also possible. Trying one of these multi function guitar pedals in a music shop will emphasise how irritating it is to have to shift regularly from pedal to pedal. But a guitar pedal like the Blackstar HT Dual make this easier. And the great thing is you will find modern guitar pedals from a company such as Blackstar Amps that is able to recreate sounds similar to those from a highly desirable tube driven guitar amp.

It’s available at a reasonable price as well so there's no need to wait. They also offer an impressive range of sounds so you can achieve the classic sound of the woodier British-sounding guitar amplifier, like Marshalls, and the sharper-sounding American guitar amplifiers, such as the Fender. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but for many guitarists, Blackstar is the preferred option.

If you’re aiming for a warm valve sound for your guitar, whether you’re playing live or in a studio, the Blackstar HT-1 UK is able to deliver. HT and other products from Blackstar can all be viewed on Rainbow Music’s website at http://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/, alongside other combo amps and guitar effects on offer.