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Blackstar Amps: What Makes Them So Popular?

Blackstar amps have quickly established themselves as one of the foremost guitar amps for both build quality and sound. They are already used by a wide variety of prominent bands and guitarists. In fact you’ll be hard pressed not to see a Blackstar guitar amp on stage at any gig, if you love your live music – particularly if you’re into metal and hard rock. But where did it all start? What makes them so sought after? And which music shop will let you have one of these marvellous amps? We’re going to answer all those questions and more with our short guide to Blackstar.

Blackstar Amps UK Success Comes Quick

Despite being one of the most well-respected producers of amps in the industry, Blackstar hasn’t actually been around for a very long time. Blackstar amps UK success story all started in 2004 when four friends, fittingly all band members, decided that they wanted a new challenge. However, they didn’t need to go and study "success" – they were already part of one success story. The four had 50 years of experience in the design and production of guitar amps – mostly at the world-renowned, and industry leading Marshall Amplification. With all of these ingredients for success in their favour, they determined to go solo. Two and half years of research was conducted into launching new, innovative guitar pedals and amps that would allow guitarists to take self-expression on their Gibsons, Fenders, Epiphones and Gretsches to new levels of artistry. In true British "make do and mend" fashion, it was all done from a garden shed in Northampton.

The first Blackstar amplifier was shown off in March 2007 when they officially launched at the Frankfurt Musik Messe. And since that point in time, Blackstar Amplification has continued to innovate and inspire – with its HT range proving popular with those who want to create a heavy metal wall of sound. The company has continued to show its skill: helped by moving out of the garden shed and into a set of premises with its own lab and studio, to create truly innovative amps for UK guitarists in particular.

Where Do I Find UK Dealers for Blackstar Amps?

Blackstar's HT Stage 60 Amps are very popular in the UKIt’s hard not to fall in love with Blackstar’s grassroots, ‘chasing the dream’ success story and we wouldn’t blame you if you’re wondering where you can find a Blackstar amp in the UK. But before you figure out where to get one, first you need to know what to be on the lookout for.

Blackstar has crafted a variety of amps and pedals for all sorts of situations – however, we’re going to mention two ranges in particular. The first is the one we already mentioned – the HT series. It’s top quality and, if you’ve got the cash, it’s an incredible investment in your present and future guitar lifestyle – particularly if you like to play the heavy stuff. Then there’s the ID series which was launched in 2012. This amp broke ground by allowing for programmable pre-sets that provide exceptional versatility and variety – everything from ultra clean to high gain lead. This makes the ID a perfect complement to any sound or musical genre that uses an electric guitar.

There’s no doubting Blackstar’s quality. You’ll see its amps on stage beside Ozzy Osbourne! The quality of its amps is preached by James Dean Bradfield of the Manics, and Dimmu Borgir use Blackstar to help deliver their symphonies to the masses. So, where are you going to get one of these beauties? Well, at Rainbow Music of course: Carlisle’s foremost shop for music kit where you can grab the award-winning Blackstar HT5 a UK guitarists ideal amp – either online or in-store – for a very good price.

Buy Your Blackstar Amps At Rainbow Music

At Rainbow Music, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the finest instruments and equipment to help you achieve the sound you’re looking for. Our music shop has been situated in Carlisle since 1991 and we’ve been a major online retailer since 2008. Blackstar amps know that we’re quality and has entrusted us to be one of their main dealers. Go check out our Blackstar range – and our other ranges, guitars and accessories – at http://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk. We’re all about good service and good quality and, if you need any help in your purchases, just send an email to sales@rainbowmusic.co.uk or give Stewart or Kevin a call at 01228 537469 for more info.