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Blackstar Amplification UK

Blackstar Artisan 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier UK version

Blackstar Amplification UK – Choose This One For High-Quality Sounds

Blackstar cut through the  hassle of finding an amp with a versatile tone. Usually, you have to make a decision between the ‘British’ sound popularised by Marshall Amplifiers or the classic ‘American’ sounding amp, notably a feature of Fender. However, it would be a huge bonus if you can find a guitar amplifier capable of creating both sounds... and more! And this is where Blackstar Amplification UK sound master, excels.

If you take a look at Blackstar’s ‘Artisan’ range, these Blackstar amps feature what you call as a point-to-point tag board, able to produce the now-legendary ‘boutique’ tone. Compact and neat, they use pre-amp valves, not unlike those featured in Vox’s range of amps.

They’re small in size, but don’t let this put you off; ranging from 15-watts up to 100-watts, every Blackstar guitar amps create an impact, no matter which you opt for.

Every single amplifier in the Blackstar product series has attracted positive reviews, with one guitar magazine noting that they’re ‘substantial’, (Guitar Gold as Blackstar themselves plug it!) in both tone and output. So every guitar player, from any genre or heritage, will find what they’re in search of.

Any decent music shop will offer you a range of amps for comparison, along with guitars and effects pedals, so there is plenty to experiment with. On the other hand, you can say that the Blackstar Series One amp is very similar to the Artisan series, the main difference being that it includes more features. It has the Blackstar's famous ‘ISF’ (the ‘Infinite Shape Feature’), which makes it possible for you to adjust the sound saturation, and results in you achieving both the 'British' or ‘American’ tones we mentioned above. Additionally, it has a broader range of wattages, extending from 45-watts right up to 200-watts.

If you are tempted to upgrade your pedal or guitar to stand out on the stage, or are simply looking to buy the best model for your own pleasure at a reasonable price, why not check out Rainbow Music for pedals and amplifiers from Blackstar amplification UK? You can view our products and their specifications on the website, http://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/.