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Blackstar Amp UK

Blackstar Amp UK Sounds That Rock

Blackstar Amplifiers a Great UK music solutionSearching for the best guitar amp can really be a problem for some. Most of the time, you will have to decide between the ‘American’ sounding amp made famous by Fender or you will have the ‘British’ sound popularised by Jim Marshall from Marshall Amplifiers. Coming across a guitar amp that can produce both sounds, would therefore be an added bonus. Blackstar Amp UK leads the field in this respect.

Taking a look at their ‘Artisan’ array, these Blackstar amps have the so-called point-to-point tag board built in, which helps deliver their famous ‘boutique’ tone. Compact in terms of size, they use pre-amplifier valves, which are similar to the range of amps produced by Vox. Don’t underestimate their power, though: ranging from as small as 15-watts right up to 100-watts, every Blackstar guitar amp stands out in its field, regardless of its size.

Testimonials given to the Blackstar product series have been all positive. One popular guitar magazine describes them as ‘substantial’, both in output and tone, so no guitar player will be disappointed. Any music shop will be able to provide you with a whole range of amps just for comparison, along with effects pedals and guitars, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Take a look at the Blackstar Series One amp as it’s similar in some respects to the Artisan series, but includes more features. It includes Blackstar's famous ‘ISF’, in other words, the Infinite Shape Feature that enables you to modify the saturation: meaning you can have that ‘American' or 'British' sounds mentioned before. Also, it has a broader range of output wattage, from 45 watts right up to 200-watts.

Whether you’re planning on upgrading your pedal or guitar to really stand out on stage, or you’re just starting out and you want the best model for your own needs at a reasonable price, then visit Rainbow Music for a full range of amps and pedals from Blackstar Amp UK. Visit the website for further details at http://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/.