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Acoustic Guitar Amps UK

Acoustic Guitar Amps UK – Produce Sounds Like A Pro

Most up and coming guitarists want to imitate their heroes at the start of their playing career: but in the future, as you begin to find your way round the fretboard more intuitively, you’ll probably want to create your own, distinctive style. How do you go about it? The way you play has a lot to do with the sound, but even with an acoustic instrument, the amp you run it through makes a huge difference! To hunt down that elusive new sound that'll be "all your own" a visit to Fender or Marshall is probably out of the question! At Rainbow we recommend a visit to one of the big name acoustic guitar amps UK stockist as being your best bet! Most of us aren't familiar with how each amp sounds, so how can you be sure it will meet your own needs if you haven't actually heard your guitar through a particular box? At shops like Rainbow Music in Carlisle, we let you get your hands dirty and and your ears battered before you buy!

Fender is just one popular name on the market. In store you can spend time identifying the sound you’re looking to achieve and chatting with knowledgeable staff about which famous pro electric guitarist has done what amazing sound creation using the Fender combo amplifiers, you're putting through its paces.

One example from the past: many of Elvis Presley’s recordings featured the now famous Fender amplifier sound on tracks, because his guitar player, James Burton, was a leading advocate  of (or should we say addict to?) Fender’s famous tone. More recently, one of the most admired electric and acoustic guitarists ever, Eric Clapton, used a Fender guitar combo amplifier many times while recording in studios. Now, while Eric has flirted with guitar amplifiers of various makes and types in his long career, the Fender amp is most likely the one which stands out the most. Even closer in time, Kurt Cobain was a massive fan of Fender’s gear, and used the Fender Jaguar and Fender Mustang electric guitars during studio recordings and in live performances. On Nirvana’s first and last albums, he used the Fender Twin Reverb. Doing your homework before you buy will help you identify the unique sound you’re looking for in your own playing. Once you’ve achieved this, you need to find a music shop offering a sufficient range of products for you to compare and buy Fender guitar amps and more.

Rainbow Music offers all the amplification equipment you could ever need. We stock products such as the best combo, stack, and tube amps, effects and supplementary kit: including the wide huge range of acoustic guitar amps UK buyers need for their diverse musical tastes. Take a look at the online store on our website, http://www.rainbowmusic.co.uk/, today.